Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost?

Base price is $90 for up to 3 players. Each additional ticket is $30 per person. Groups with 8+ participants qualify for a discount, which can be found on our “Games” page. Make sure to follow us on Facebook for other great promotions!

Are Walk-Ins Allowed?

Unfortunately, we do not allow walk-ins. All experiences must be booked online ahead of time to ensure the time slot you would like. We are only on site for scheduled reservations.

You can see escape game times and book reservations on our online booking page. If there is a timeslot that you would like that you don’t see, please contact us.

Can I Sign My Waiver Ahead Of Time?

Absolutely! Please be sure to select the correct room, date, and time when filling out the waiver, otherwise it will need to be redone upon arrival.

Here is the link to the online waiver:

City 13 Waiver

Can I Bring In Food/Beverages?

Unfortunately, we do not allow any food/beverages to be brought in without party rental. We do offer complimentary coffee, water, and popcorn. Sodas are available on site for purchase.

What If I Don't Know How Many People Will Be In My Group?

That’s ok! Just book the room you are interested in for the room minimum of 3 players, and the room will become private. This will lock in the date and time for your group and you can add on additional players (up to 10 players max per room) in store the day of your reservation.

Is It Scary?
None of our adventures are scary! Our adventures are focused on using your logic and teamwork skills.
Are We Really Locked In?
No, you are not locked in. This escape experience is different than most and we never make you the prisoner. You, adventurer, are here to help us!
When Should I Arrive For My Adventure?
Your entire experience will be about 90 minutes. Please show up 15 minutes prior to your scheduled adventure time so that everyone can complete a waiver prior to their experience. Since we need to keep a strict schedule, the doors will close at the set adventure time.  There will be a debriefing and photo session after your adventure.
What Should I Bring With Me?
Just your friends and your teamwork skills! No personal items are needed in the rooms. You are allowed to keep your phone on you, but it cannot be used inside the adventures. We do provide you with a secured locker for any of your personal items you would want stored when you arrive.
Can I Schedule A Time Outside Of The Set Adventure Times?

You sure can! Contact us for availability and let us help you get set-up.

Do We Get The Whole Session To Ourselves?

Absolutely! All escape room adventures with us are private- at no extra cost! 

What Can I Do After My Adventure?
We offer a HUGE Players Lounge for our customers to enjoy before and after missions. Our lounge has a pool table and board/strategy games for your group to enjoy. With our lounge, we also have the perfect space to host your next private event or corporate gathering. We are also conveniently located 5 minutes from Oak Creek’s Drexel Town Square, which offers a variety of restaurant options.
Are Tickets Refundable?

If you need to cancel your set reservation time, we would be happy to help you reschedule with no additional fees! Don’t have a new date in mind? No problem! We can also provide you with a gift voucher to reschedule at your convenience.

How Many People Can I Have?

For the best experience- we recommend no more than 8 people per room, but we can allow up to 10.

If your party is larger than 8 people, contact us and we will get you set-up.

For private events, we can host groups up to 100 people!


Is There An Age Limit?

If you are under 13 years of age, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Everyone must complete a waiver, and anyone under 18 must have a parent sign their waiver.  Children under the age of 6 should not attend. While all our adventures are kid friendly, the puzzles can still prove to be a bit difficult for children under 13.

What If I Am Claustrophobic?

All of our experience are mission-based, so you are never locked in any of our rooms and are free to leave at any time! 

What Is An Escape Room?

An Escape Room is your new reason to get out of the house and have some fun! An Escape Room puts customers into a story where they have to use their surroundings to figure out clues, acquire new items, and complete puzzles to conquer the adventure. The catch? You and your teammates only have 60 minutes. Now grab your friends, family, or your partner in crime and dive into a unique experience.

What Makes City 13 Different From Other Escape Rooms?

Well to start, we don’t put you into a office space and tell you its a museum. We sneak you into the streets of City 13 and break into one of its buildings! We built the City so all of the adventures can build upon one larger story. Our belief is that our guests should feel as if they are in another reality during their ENTIRE experience with us. 

Also, we are the only escape room in Milwaukee that offers a Players Lounge to meet before and after your adventures. Our Player’s Lounge can be rented for private events, and we can even do the catering for you!

In addition- all escape room experiences with us are private at no extra cost!

Hours of Operation

Tuesday- Thursday
5:15pm - 9:30pm

5:15pm – 10:00pm

10:00am – 10:00pm

11:00am - 6:30pm

*We are only on-site during scheduled booking times. Reservations are REQUIRED.

** Daytime hours can be accommodated for special events and corporate team-building events!

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