That “I gotta have it” feeling. We all know it. It’s the “I gotta have this designer bag,” or “I gotta have these golf clubs,” or its “MOM, I WANT THIS TOY.” But, once we get the material goods we are craving, our world does not stop. Our life does not truly improve. And we move on to wanting the next thing. Within the last 20 years, there has been a surge of gifting experiences rather than things. Experiences enrich our lives with memories and lasting life lessons. They nourish minds and bring people together. However, as you know, gifting has not always been like this.

Gift Giving Inside the White Picket Fence 

Gift-giving before these last 20 years was not what we know it as now. From 1946-1960, right after WWII, people craved normalcy. Everyone settled down with a house, bought a fancy new car, and had kids in the baby boom. People wanted to flaunt their successes with material goods. In turn, corporations grew and small businesses declined. During this time, women stayed at home and men were the breadwinners. By the end of the 1950s, 87% of Americans owned at least one TV, 60% owned a home and 75% owned a car. And by the ’70s, American consumers had more disposable income than any other country. That is a lot of money spent on gifts people do not truly need.  

Gift Giving Today 

Today, that white picket fenced life is not as appealing to consumers. Everyone, not just Millenials, is opting for experience rather than material goods. Young and old do not view “things” as they once were in the past. People want to have experiences and make memories, not stuff. People no longer use goods and services to describe their status in life. 

This trend has changed what we do and many people have not yet realized it. Millennials rent in cities rather than owning a home and are happy to do so. “Instead of playing board games at home, people now go to escape rooms.” The bar scene has changed as well. People either stay home to save for other experiences or participate in events such as bar crawls. Even athletics have changed. Novelty runs like 5K’s with beer, bubbles, and paint are more common. 

After all, experiences have more lasting joy than spending money on goods and services. Not to mention experiences do not accumulate in your basement and closet as toys and clothes do. They are kept in a photo album or online. And, it is easier to take photos in the moment with friends and family rather than with your new TV.

Escape City 13 with a Gift Card 

Giving the gift of experience enriches the young and the old. Older people establish a “less is more” mentality and Millenials simply do not value “stuff” as their parents once did. Experiences are opportunities to bond and then cherish for a lifetime.  So, a gift card to City 13 is perfect for anyone and everyone. They can easily be purchased online or in-store. From there, the receiver can choose which of our four puzzles to complete. Your loved one will love to make a memory, take a picture and tell you all about it. 

To give the gift of an experience, start here. Questions? Contact us! We are here to help.