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What Is City 13?

City 13 is Milwaukee’s newest and most immersive escape room! Your team will find the clues, solve the puzzles, and escape the room before the clock runs out. Grab your friends, family, or coworkers and let the adventure begin!

We are the only escape room in the Milwaukee area that offers a players lounge for teams to enjoy before and after their adventure. We also offer the perfect spot for special events and corporate outings!

City 13 Escape Room

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What Our Adventurers Have To Say…

City 13 Testimonial

“Best escape rooms I’ve done in Milwaukee so far. The designs are creative and really fun.”

Rob S. 

City 13 Testimonial

“Our group had so much fun at City 13 (we did the “City Reserve”)! The puzzles were challenging, the building and lounge area are beautiful and the rooms are very well done, and the owners were super friendly and accommodating! Thanks for a great experience.

Jenna B.

City 13 Testimonial

“I have done 3 escape rooms and this one was by far the best! Well thought out and the props are super cool! I especially love that their lobby area is great to hang around and discuss our performance afterwards!

Abbey P.

City 13 Testimonial

“This place is AMAZING! Without question, the BEST escape room in the city. Super unique and fun puzzles. Way different than other escape rooms I have been to around the country.”

Nicholas E.

Escape room adventures

Mission: The Armory

“You want to prove your worth to Me and the citizens? You can start by getting into the Armory and taking “the Steams” best weapons. I will sneak you in, but your team will have to do the rest. Get the guns and get out, you won’t have much time.”

– City 13 Mayor

City 13 The Armory

60 Minutes

2-8 People

  • Difficulty (6/10)

Mission: City Reserve

“If we are going to take back the city, we are going to need some money. “The Steam” keeps some of their most precious diamonds and jewels inside the Reserve. If you complete this adventure, consider yourself a true Hero. to be honest, i don’t think anyone can get into the vault”

– City 13 Mayor

City 13 City Reserve

60 Minutes

2-8 People

  • Difficulty (8/10)
City 13 Player's Lounge

Player’s Lounge

We can host team-building events and parties of any size! After your adventure, you can also enjoy pool, board games, and popcorn with your family & friends!

Meet The Dynamic Duo Behind City 13:

Nick & Ashley Timber

Every aspect of City 13 was designed and built by Nick and Ashley to give you the best experience possible.


We wanted to create the most immersive experience in Milwaukee. For one hour, we wanted you to be completely immersed in The City. We didn’t want a drywalled room full of padlocks. We wanted to create something completely different, so we set out to build just that.

City 13 Owners

Hero Ranks

Here at City 13, every game gets tracked and you are able to see all your awards and achievements. Did your team take back the city and top the Hero Ranks?

City 13

6925 S. 6th St. Suite 500

Oak Creek, WI 53154

Hours of Operation

Tuesday- Thursday
5:15pm - 10:00pm

5:15pm – 11:30pm

10:00am – 11:30pm

11:00am - 8:00pm